Case Studies


Football Injuries

When I first went to see Caroline I have to admit I was very sceptical. Working in the medical profession I found it difficult to see how such small, gentle movements could help my pain.
I was suffering with a number of football injuries. These included a recent shoulder injury. Left lower ribs injury from 2 years previous. Lower back chronic aching (had for 10 years). Sciatic pain in left buttock and left leg intermittent aching and shooting pain. (Had for 5 years). Right knee chronic ache for 2 years. Left knee new injury, blow to knee at football. Swollen and painful. Both ankles chronic aching and swollen esp. mornings. (Had for 5 years).
Suffered with IBS Very much diet related for last 11 years.
Permanent swollen glands.
Energy levels 5/10

I was taking a cocktail of painkillers every day and night.

After the 1st treatment the rib pain went over night! And all other pains had reduced considerably. I played 90 mins football 3 days after treatment with no further pain.

After 2 treatments my shoulders, ribs and knees were totally pain free, my ankles and lower back only had a low level ache, my glands had not been swollen for 7 days and my bowels had been more regular than they had for years!
I had needed no painkillers at all!

I now see Caroline for a Bowen treatment whenever I re-injure myself.

Mike (37) Speciality leader in Operating Theatres

Back, hip, leg pain and tiredness

After receiving several treatments over the years for various problems I now have no pain and even feel rejuvenated!!!! I am presently being treated for a torn hamstring and ligament damage and after one treatment I’m already feeling much better and able to sit more comfortably.

Rose (59) Civil Servant and swimming instructor


When I first went to see Caroline for Bowen treatments I had been suffering with Fibromyalgia for 10 years. Between 1998 and 2001 I was so bad I had a home carer and was on severe disablement allowance:-
My symptoms when 1st visiting Caroline were:-
Headaches, sore head, stabbing pains in head
Weekly sore throats and loss of voice
Terrible memory
Constant neck ache/pain, neck swelled
Shoulders ache
Arms ache
No strength in hands. Couldn’t open jars.
Constant sciatic pain couldn’t stand on both legs equal had to stand on right leg.
Sore, burning feet, very sensitive.
Restless legs
Hips ache and extreme pain in mornings
Knees had stabbing burning pain under knee
Jaw ached so much could stop her eating and sleeping
Lumps in legs that move around very sore
Recurrent cystitis
Had to cut labels out of clothes as irritate
Bruise very easily
Legs feel bruised all the time
IBS usually constipated (took 4medication x3 for this plus weekly enemas)
Blocked sinuses
Sleep either ok or goes for days without sleeping
Energy levels very low.

Within a year of having treatments once every 3 weeks I had gone back to work and was off all medication. (I was on antidepressants, pain killers and medication to help my bladder)
I now only see Caroline for a treatment once or twice a year for a “top up”

I really believe that Bowen has transformed my life!

Kath (40) Sales assistant

Slipped disc with back pain

I suffer with a slipped disc which causes constant discomfort. I was introduced to Bowen through my mother-in-law and felt very sceptical about it. However, after my first taster session, the following day most of the pain had eased. Since then I have had Bowen treatment from Caroline a number of times and it has always helped with the pain. I have always been given a thorough consultation prior to treatment and left feeling relaxed. Like a treatment and a pamper session in one.

Sarah (34) Teaching assistant

Multiple Sclerosis

To have M.S. is such a curse,
as years roll on it just gets worse.
The aches and pains come and go,
but walking is so slow.
When your energy is low
And you’ve lost the get up and go.

Bowen is the one for me,
It’s therapy you cannot see.
How it works I do not know,
But it gives me get up and go.

The aches and pains it helps that too.

So for me it is a must…
Bowen is the one to trust.

MS sufferer (76)

Trapped Nerve Pain and Depression

I first met Caroline by chance whilst flicking through the phone book. At the time I was really depressed as not long been divorced after 30 years. I also had a trapped nerve and my mobility was affected. Caroline has helped with both complaints and I felt much better physically and mentally. Caroline is a very special person and has amazing healing powers. I would recommend her to anyone with the greatest confidence.

Steve (Skelmersdale)

Back, Shoulder and Neck Problems

I fell backwards through a workshop roof onto a concrete floor. I was badly winded and thought no more about it until I started to seize up whilst walking with a heavy load at work one day.
I visited the doctors and he prescribed physiotherapy. After 8 months of physio I was no better.
I then tried various massages to alleviate the sore back, shoulders, neck tension and headaches I had been getting. Although these massages may have given me some relief for a week, the root cause never went away.
I then went to a chiropractor and by this stage (7 years ago), he could hardly touch my back as my muscles were seriously locking up. I was suffering badly!!!
Following a couple of years of going to the chiropractor, things were better but not resolved. I still had an uncomfortable back problem and every month required a deep muscle massage to help alleviate the pain.
Then I found ‘The Bowen Technique’ I have now been visiting Caroline for a couple of years, approximately every 6-8 weeks. At first because it was so gentle I thought “nothing was happening”. I can now say that Bowen treatment has made my life so much more comfortable with only the occasional headache!
I can well recommend that “Bowen treatment” does work and for ANYONE!

Alister (54) Electrician

Knee Injury and Stress

I first came to see Caroline about two years ago, because I was suffering with stress
relating to family problems. Also problems relating to my back, neck and right shoulder.
At that time I also had problems with an old knee injury.
After 2 or 3 visits, both stress and skeletal /joint problems improved and at the end of a course of 5 or 6 treatments I was fully recovered.
Occasionally I see Caroline for ‘top-up’ treatments to keep me feeling relaxed and
fully mobile.

Maggie (Southport)

Infant Colic

Eleanor had been so distressed and in pain with colic, and nothing seemed to help her. Every night we spent many hours pacing the floor and eventually she would cry to sleep or painfully pass her wind.
The effect of the Bowen move was immediate and she has been happy, and colic free for nearly 3 weeks now. Happy restful baby, very happy Mummy!

Female baby aged 6 weeks

Pregnancy and SPD

From 28 weeks into my pregnancy I suffered with Sympysis Pubis Dysfunction (SPD), making sleeping, walking, driving and sitting extremely painful. A friend of mine recommended the Bowen technique. After just one treatment the pain was much reduced and I was able to carry on with life. I had two more treatments prior to the birth of my son with equally remarkable results.

Felice (27) Teacher

Turning Breech Baby

The Bowen Technique was a Godsend. After being in the breech position for 3 weeks, at 37 weeks I thought my baby would never turn. Following two Bowen moves she went head down, and was born the day after. If it wasn’t for her turning she would’ve been born by caesarean, but she was a water birth baby thanks to Bowen.

Jilly (33) Midwife