When I was 16 I was involved in a Horse Riding accident, although I was Lucky I was left with a bad back couldn’t sit still for too long with out it becoming stiff and sore. Physio and pain killers did not work, It was just something I learnt to put up with. 5 years on and I was still putting up with it, I even swapped my bed to an orthopaedic one but it made little difference. It was only after searching the web for an alternative treatment did I find Painfree Bowen Therapy with Caroline. I have only had 3 treatments and the pain is gone. However now that I’ve found Bowen I’ll definitely be going back, its so relaxing and lasts so much longer than any massage or physio. A massive Thank you to Caroline and Painfree Bowen Therapy.

Emma Frankland

I work as cabin crew and during a flight my back went suddenly, after crying with pain, I went to the Drs, and was told to go to a physiotherapist. I was unable to move and for 6 weeks was unable to do anything let alone work. After a year of going to the physiotherapist, and a course of Pilates, although my back had improved I was still in a lot of pain. A friend recommended Caroline Gillam and Bowen therapy. After one session of a pain free treatment, by the next day i felt incredible, after 3 sessions my back was practically perfect. I have never had a problem with my back since! I can not recommend Caroline enough she was such an approachable and friendly person and she must now be fed up of me as any aches pains or problems that me or my family have we go straight to Caroline . She helped my baby girl with colic and my partner who had serious men issues, he was too embarrassed to go to a Dr, but didn’t end up needing to as Bowen completely sorted his problem out! I give ten out of ten for Caroline Gillam and Bowen Therapy and really hope that this helps others when deciding to try both of them as it really does work. Thank you Caroline

Sally Cassidy

Southport Bowen has the most experienced, highly qualified and registered Bowen Therapist for the area. Caroline Gillam DipHE, Cert. ECBS, MBTPA, MCNHC. Caroline has the added benefit of a medical background following 9 years working as a Midwife in the NHS.

Situated in Southport, Southport Bowen covers the majority of the Northwest including Merseyside and Lancashire with regular clients attending from Ormskirk, Preston, Chorley, and Liverpool.

The Bowen Technique is a gentle, natural and non-invasive complementary therapy that uses a series of moves interspersed with periods of rest to realign the body structurally, hormonally and lymphatically.

Bowen is performed through light clothing in a relaxed and calm atmosphere. Using only fingers and thumbs, a Bowen therapist makes gentle rolling movements over muscles, tendons and fascia at precise points. This process releases energy into the muscles and soft tissue, sending impulses to the brain to trigger the body’s own healing systems. During the treatment the therapist will leave the room for short periods of time to allow the body to respond to the moves already performed and make subtle adjustments to initiate the healing process.

Caroline is a Bowen Practitioner trained by the Bowen Association and The European College of Bowen Studies (E. C. B. S. ).

Caroline is also a Reiki Master and a qualified Midwife.