Special Needs

As well as treating ‘typical’ children and adults, Bowen has been shown to have dramatic effects on children and adults with ‘special needs’

Some of the benefits Bowen has given to individuals with Cerebral Palsy and Autistic spectrum disorder include:-

  • Improved balance / co-ordination
  • Straightening of the spine
  • Improved motor control
  • Relief from constipation / improved nutritional body development
  • Vocalisation / verbalisation
  • Reduction in limb aches and pains
  • Greater concentration / attention span
  • Greater comprehension
  • Behavioural improvements
  • Less frustrated, calmer, quieter and happier children
  • Sleep patterns improved
  • Chewing / sucking stronger
  • Reversed adversity to lying on back or front
  • More eye contact –coming out into the world
  • Loss of some obsessive / repetitive behaviour
  • Reduction in abusive behaviour on self / property
  • Increase in play skills
  • Parents’ load relieved – family togetherness enhanced

Over the last decade Howard Plummer and a team of therapists have been running a children’s clinic in Cardiff successfully treating many children with a variety of developmental and behavioural disorders ranging from Cerebral Palsy to all aspects of the Autistic Spectrum.

A Bowen treatment for a child does not require the rest periods between moves. A treatment for a child can last anything from 15-30 mins. The child does not need to stay still or quiet for the treatment!