Sports Injuries and Bowen

Are you currently suffering from a sports injury?

Would you like to minimise the risk of athletic sprains and other sports injuries?

Are you looking for a way to improve your sporting performance?

Bowen therapy can accelerate your recovery from injury, help to prevent future sports injuries, and improve your sporting performance. The Bowen Technique can produces immediate results with acute sports injuries where other therapies have failed.

Using The Bowen Technique immediately following an injury, can bypass traumatic reactions such as swelling, inflammation and immobilization.

Because the Bowen technique does not rely on any deep tissue techniques, it can be used over swollen areas and will help reduce swelling.

The interruption of this trauma cycle gives you, the athlete, a much faster recovery with little or no down-time following the injury.

Sports summary:-

The Bowen Technique can:

  • Speed up post-match and post-injury recovery.
  • Be used in the event of acute injuries (even on the field treatment).
  • Improve breathing, which can lead to improved oxygen absorption, leading to improved performance.
  • Reduce pre-match tension and anxiety.
  • Break bad sleeping patterns, leading to elevated energy levels.
  • Address and improve the body’s ability to allow maximum stability and balance during movement, thereby preventing injuries.